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15 years AVE

In 15 years AVE has developed into an internationally active company with 85 permanent employees, a tight network of like-minded external partners and more than 5,000 active buying customers throughout the world. According to the basic principle of sustainability regional products, manufacturers and suppliers are encouraged and long-standing customer and supplier relationships are maintained. With more than 900 available items for wholesalers and more than 2,500 vegan references for ALLES-VEGETARISCH.DE, AVE today offers a comprehensive full range of products for vegan lifestyle. The proportion of certified organic products is already above 50% and increases steadily. AVE also distributes 12 renowned exclusive brands from all around the world, for example, the innovative egg substitute of MyEy, premium chocolate bars from US-brand Go Max Go, and more than 80 other vegan top brands. As an industry pioneer AVE will continue to pursue further developments and offer new products for the growing demand for vegan products, to contribute to a sustainable global food supply.

2001 was a memorable and groundbreaking year the vegan scene in Europe. From deep conviction and in a time in which veganism had virtually no place in society, company founder and vegan pioneer Tobias Graf created the first vegan wholesale trade in Europe. His aim was not only to facilitate access for people living vegan lifestyles to animal-free foods, but to allow it for the first time. From the name of the animal rights group "absolut" inspired the company Absolute Vegan Empire, shortly AVE originated. We started with the sale of home-made cakes at music festivals and the import of the first vegan bar from USA, the Davina ENERGY OAT SNACK, which today is one of the most popular products in our product range.

2004, the two own brands VANTASTIC FOODS and VEGAN BAKERY were founded. Both brands are characterized by their diversity. Highest quality, selected ingredients and loving preparation are first priority. The range extends from aromatic spices, over hearty meat alternatives, soy meat, delicious baked goods to vegan treats, like the VANTASTIC FOODS Schakalode of several flavours, spreads and gelatin-free jellies. At that time, the team of AVE included 2 employees.

2006: the VEGGIE SNACK BAR entered the vegan stage. Since then, this purely vegan mobile kitchen, shaped the changing image of the food areas at fairs, street days, concerts and festivals in Germany and Austria. The VEGGIE SNACK BAR quickly changed from an insider's tip to a solid entity, pampering hungry visitors with passion and attention to culinary details.

2007 began the planning and the first construction work of a new facility for wholesale at the site Nabburg West. In order to respond adequately to the rapidly increasing demand of traders, the move from the rented garages, into a specially planned corporate building with office space for 10 employees and at the time of large scale warehouse, was inevitable.

2008 was the year we finally moved into the new building. Another milestone represents the takeover of the online shop ALLES-VEGETARISCH.DE which has since operated as a purely vegetarian online store and now also serves the needs of the end customers. Initially started with less than 300 articles, the shop became a mainstay of AVE and is Europe No.1 online shop for vegan diet.

2009 AVE opened up a completely new field and began to deliver the first markets in food retailing.

2012 began the first planning and sketching for another, even bigger logistics area with the aim to have everything under one roof to serve the huge increase in demand for pure vegetable diet and the growing customer base adequately.

2013, LSG Sky Chefs, the catering of Lufthansa are supplied by AVE. Thus, the guests of Germany's largest air carrier can appreciate delicious vegan menu options. The number of AVE employees rose to nearly 40 employees.

2014 vegan pioneer and company founder Tobias Graf died. The company is continued by his wife Heike Graf and CEO John Gahlert.

2015 the company moves into the finished logistics center in Nabburg East. A cooling and dry storage integrated in a modern logistics control, ensures optimal flow of the requirements of the online stores and wholesale. Since October 2015 AVE has been certified with the quality standard IFS "Cash & Carry Wholesale" and acts according to the stringent requirements of the International featured standards. Since September AVE offers vocational training for warehouseman and businessman / woman for wholesale and foreign trade.

2016 AVE extended its retail channel and launches a new international online shopping world. The new VEGGIE-SHOP24.COM uses the latest standards in food e-commerce, usability and offers a range of over 2,500 articles with a BIO-share of over 50%. The wholesale offer includes more than 900 items, the number of permanent employees has grown to 85.

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