Popular brands and a 100% vegetable product range

AVE offers a complete and purely vegetable assortment for nutritionally conscious, vegan demands. No matter whether for the food service industry, for catering or food wholesalers or retailers.

Customers trust AVE as a competent partner that helps with words and deeds, has years of experience and an extensive assortment of purely vegan specialities. This vegan wholesale team is an expert in being solution-oriented and flexible for their customers. It is not for nothing that AVE has been the leading wholesaler in Germany and Europe since 2001.

The versatile product range offers palatable meat and sausage alternatives as well as appetising cheese alternatives. But also rice, pasta and many other delicious side dishes are part of the assortment, just like milk alternatives, plant drinks and vegan beverage powders for the preparation of tea, coffee or cappuccino. Spreads (savoury, spicy, sweet or nutty), vegetable chocolate alternatives, sweets, fruit gums and chewing gums as well as specialities made of tofu, tempeh and seitan complete the product range. No matter if you need something for cooking, baking or the raw food cuisine: AVE always has the right product for you.

Here you find a wide selection of our product groups:

Exclusive general distributor for:

More than 70 vegan top brands:

...and many other brands.

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